What’s the difference between Tibetan Momo and Nepali Momo?

  • What’s the difference between Tibetan Momo and Nepali Momo?

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  • tu ruiqi

    December 7, 2021 at 3:11 am

    Tibetan momo is a kind of filled dumplings in Tibetan style, which is also called “mog mog” in Tibetan. It is deeply loved by the Tibetan people. The size and shape of Tibetan momo are like walnut, with swirls on the top. They look neat and beautiful.

    When talking about Tibetan momo, it’s inevitable to mention Nepali momo as there’s much in common. There are three forms of “momo” in Nepal. One is like steamed buns and the other is like dumplings. Both are called “moon”. The third is like open dumplings, which is called “open momo” locally. This most representative Nepali snack on the streets is very alike Tibetan momo, in terms of appearance and taste.

    Some researchers believe that momo, a characteristic dumpling, is a special snack introduced from Tibet to Nepal and improved by the locals. However, Nepalese momo has more variety than Tibetan momo and even has a variety of exotic flavors such as chocolate and marsala. Now it has spread throughout South Asia and is widely welcomed by all people.

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